Menos Wealth!

“ Menos definition: Strength, Courage, Force”

Menos Global became a reality back in September 2019.

Frustrated with a multitude of Forex Platforms that failed to live up to their expectations, the founders of the Menos Global decided that if they could not find something that met their high standard, they would have no choice but to formulate their own Forex Ai.

A brains trust of experienced entrepreneurs was created and the Menos Global was therefore born.

Menos is an ancient Greek word meaning Strength, Courage & Force.

Originally Menos Global Wealth Ai was just going to be for a closed group of people, who had had enough of the unscrupulous on-line opportunities that constantly over-promise and under-deliver.

The success and popularity of this simple to follow system with its honest and fair remuneration program, has many of the founding members wanting to share this opportunity of Forex & Wealth creation with others.

As a result, the doors have been opened to give everybody a chance to benefit from our expertise.

Welcome to Menos Global – Menos Wealth!